About Us

Welcome to BizRoots. Trust the tech stuff to us.

Finally - the technological help every real estate agent needs.

These were agents with growing businesses who were risking losing leads  – ignoring the vast numbers of contacts who could potentially be clients - whose leads were stuck on Post-it notes and the back of lunch receipts, or ‘somewhere’ on their phone.

I understood that their ambivalence, confusion, distrust, aversion and downright exasperation of real estate technology was probably permanent. We’ll be the first to say.. it’s OK - you were designed to be a sales person… not necessarily a techie!

What matters is what concerns you: would you rather spend your time on money-making activities, or trying to figure out how to set up the systems of your business? If you’d rather be out making money, you’ve come to the right site.

Here is what BizRoots can offer you: Transaction Management, System set-up, and Training services. We can help you as much, or as little, as you want.

But whatever service you decide on, one, two, or all, we promise to ease the tech pain.

So give us a call, drop us an email. In our minds, it’s a perfect exchange. You let us do what we love, and we do the same for you. More efficient, more profits. More perfect.

Beth Shearn

BizRoots Owner & Systems Designer

Beth is the founder and owner of BizRoots, LLC and was a licensed agent from 2008-2015 when she put her license in escrow to build systems for her Realtor colleagues. Having served over 100 agents in 10+ states in three years, Beth decided after the requests of many, many agents that it was time to shift gears and create a highly efficient, customer service based Transaction Management system.

Beth's goal is to continue to provide innovative solutions for the many challenges agents face while maintaining a personal relationship with each and every client.

Denise Porcaro

Transaction Manager

Denise Porcaro comes to BizRoots, LLC as a Transaction Manager. Denise is a licensed PA agent at KW Exton and fully understands the responsibility of managing your contracts from execution to closing. She also recognizes the importance of communication with lenders, title companies, contractors, agents and most importantly home buyers and sellers providing ease and assurance during what can be a stressful time. She is committed to watching over your valuable assets diligently and in total confidence. Implementing a comprehensive checklist of everything that needs to be completed from contract to close, she is steadfast to being pro-active and remaining ahead of your contract deadlines.

Lindsey Petritsch

Transaction Manager

Lindsey Petritsch comes to BizRoots, LLC also as Transaction Manager. She has worked in the real estate and finance industry as a Mortgage Loan Processor and Paralegal since 2012. Lindsey is well versed in communicating with third-party vendors, agents, and home buyers. She is extremely detail oriented and self-driven to provide the best possible client service experience for real estate agents and their clients. She possesses a high level of organizational skills and is committed to meeting every contract deadline and milestone.

Larry Collins

Database Specialist

Larry Collins has been working with BizRoots since 2016 as our fabulous Database Specialist. Not only is he responsible for building Marketing Plans, Action plans, and transferring contacts for our clients, he is a ray of sunshine with a work ethic like no other. He has been working with numbers of Realtors and investors since 2010 in the US & Canada and as a result, he is knowledgeable in both US and Canadian Real estate markets. Larry is an invaluable ‘behind the scenes’ member of our team!