Creating Efficient Systems

To give you an idea of how the BizRoots system works, we want to share a success story that still leaves a smile on our faces.

You know how there are real estate agents who are feeling scattered, disorganized and may be hitting a ceiling of their income potential because the systems of their business are either disorganized or nonexistent? Well, we help those agents.

Our services can take disorganized agents through a process of designing, setting up, training, implementing & tracking within the database/CRM of their choice. We know that your database is your business - the 'roots' of your business - and are here to help create a healthy 'root' system, so your business will grow!

One of our clients had been a computer programmer in a former life, so he knew there were more efficient ways to use the technologies he had, but he didn’t have time to train himself. Jack was too busy servicing his existing clients, which left him no time to find new ones. And when he did get a new lead, he couldn’t follow through because of the time he spent on processing transactions. He had no system in place to consistently follow up on these new leads. So he called BizRoots.

Let Us Share Jack's story and show you how we help with: