We will design, set up and customize the database/CRM of your choice

Losing business because you're not staying in touch consistently with contacts? We can work with you to create a customized one-year marketing campaign, the components of which we will set up in your database/CRM.

Do you have leads slipping through the cracks because you're not following up consistently? We can create customized lead follow up & nurturing plans that reflect your business style and are tailored to the source of your leads. The components of these campaigns are also set up in your database/CRM."

Hello, all agents with growing businesses who are risking losing leads – ignoring the vast numbers of contacts who could potentially be clients - whose leads are stuck on Post-it notes and the back of lunch receipts, or ‘somewhere’ in your phone – yes, we are talking to you!

We appreciate these next couple of sentences might be painful, but we are writing them to help you. We also appreciate that your ambivalence, confusion, distrust, aversion and down right exasperation of real estate technology is probably permanent. We’ll be the first to say.. it’s OK - you were designed to be a sales person… not necessarily a techie!

What matters is what concerns you: would you rather spend your time on money-making activities, or trying to figure out how to set up the systems of your business? If you’d rather be out making money, you’ve come to the right site.

Here’s how we can help get you in front of your contacts consistently and efficiently, then when leads surface, you can stay close until they become clients.

Marketing and Lead Follow-Up Plan Setup Service

Q: Do you realize how much your business would grow if you would market yourself consistently to your contacts?

A: Here’s how. We will work with you via 1-1 video calls to design a customized marketing campaign that reflects your business style and personality. We’ll ask the important questions: How have you been selling, what do you like to do – what works for you? We’ll take your great ideas, remash with our ideas, shoot them with ‘steroids’ and plot them on a one-year calendar before we determine your campaign components.

The end result? Event and marketing reminders, email campaigns, postcards ~ whatever works for you ~ all set up and ready to use in your CRM. Creating and setting up a comprehensive one-year campaign can take you off the ‘real estate roller coaster ride’ by keeping you in front of your contacts consistently throughout the year.

How much would your business increase if you stayed in touch with your contacts consistently?


Q: How many times have you’ve lost a lead from inconsistent or non-existent follow-up?

44% of people give up after ONE follow-up; 80% of sales require FIVE follow-ups. (Source: Scripted and The Marketing Donut)

The second phase of the design process is to work with agents (again on our screen-sharing video calls) to create custom-lead follow-up plans that you can apply to contacts directly in your database.  We’ll design the campaigns with you, build them in your system, show you how and when to use them. In systems, we can set up the campaign so you receive a call/text or email when it’s time to reach out to a lead.

We’ve found that agents who create customized campaigns based on their business style and personality are more likely to use them. Once your campaigns are all set up in your CRM, we will do a “Wrap Up Call” where we will dot all the “i”s, cross all the “t”’s and show you how to process leads using the  Adding-Applying-Working cycle. Add contacts, Apply campaigns, and Work through your task list. It’s that easy!