Implementing and Tracking

Implementing and Tracking With Systems Coaching

During this phase, we are still tethered. If you have a problem inputting names after an open house and forget your training, if you can’t get yourself to carve out the time to apply your unreachable leads to campaigns, or even if you forget how to use your system, we are here to help.
We will schedule weekly calls to make sure you are using the CRM, and if you aren’t, we will backtrack. Accountability is important.

During the “Design” phase, we design, create and set up highly efficient, customized systems. But what good are they if you’re not using them?
We had one agent explain, “You’ve built me a Ferrari, showed me where all the buttons were and now I need more help driving it”.
You can’t go from 0-100 mph overnight when you’re learning a new system and changing your habits. Our Systems Coaching is ongoing support, created to help our agents effectively integrate their new systems into their daily lives.

Here is how our Systems Coaching helped one struggling, stagnant Realtor.

Because this woman was one of our past "System Set Up" and training clients, when we followed up her we discovered what she was doing, and more importantly, what she wasn't doing. It was clear she needed more training as we were seeing very few entries in her system.

We began coaching her.

When she admitted that she wasn’t putting new leads into her system that she had acquired from an open house, we sat with her and entered all that contact info together. That night she got a new client – the original email had been sent five months prior to the open house. She thought that lead was dead.


Do open houses serve you better than postcards? Or do your clients prefer happy hours?  It’s important to focus your prospecting and marketing efforts on what’s working. We will work with you to track the results, the good, the bad and the blah.