BizRoots Reviews

Jennifer (JK) Kuntz

The Jennifer Hollister Group

Beth was essential in helping us to understand all the systems available for our real estate team. She helped us organize our database and setup the drip campaigns…which therefore helped take our business to the next level! She is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful! She was always giving us extra tips and recommendations of other platforms she thought would be great for our team. Beth was amazing to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs that extra push!

Bob Heim

ERA Martin Associates

Beth is a good teacher and guided me through the learning curve with ease. Customizing the Top Producer services to meet my style and personality was a terrific help. I strongly recommend BizRoots if you are going to use Top Producer.

Rob Pileggi

Keller Williams

Beth was fantastic! So professional and organized. Her systems are a must have for all agents to get to the next level.

Petra Drauschak

When Beth completely reorganized our office systems with what is now the BizRoots program, it became possible for us to handle almost seamlessly the 40% growth to my business in 2014. I was hesitant to switch back to Top Producer at first, having used it in the past, but not to its fullest capacity. Beth encouraged me to switch, and I can’t believe where my business would be if I hadn’t! The Action Plans Beth set up allowed me to focus more on my clients, knowing that my assistant was handling every task and nothing was slipping through the cracks. With her help my database is now very streamlined and ‘lean’, making it easy to touch every contact regularly while following our new marketing plan. The return for the money I invested in Beth’s services is immeasurable – not only financially, but emotionally as well. Having my business run efficiently has drastically reduced my stress regarding the administrative side, and that’s important in this business.

Andrea Fonash

As the office manager/assistant for a top agent in our region, I can say the difference was AMAZING after Beth Shearn organized our database and set up our Action Plans in Top Producer. We are a very busy office, which can feel chaotic if it’s not well organized. Having the structure and accountability for every task, for every client has increased my efficiency, and I can sleep better at night knowing that nothing will be forgotten!

Ann Byer

Beth is efficient, smart, and organized. She has mastered technology and using it to help her clients. And she is delightful to work with. Thanks for your help, Beth!

Lori Murtaugh

Beth helped me systematize my real estate business with Top Producer. She knows her stuff which is helping me keep track of my stuff. Now I stay connected with contacts that would have otherwise fallen through the cracks in my former system, which wasn’t a system at all… it was a copybook. Ugh! Thanks to Beth and Top Producer, it’s easy to service and stay connected with all my contacts.

John McGovern

Beth was very helpful implementing real estate marketing systems for me. She does it in a very organized step by step manner which makes it easy to follow. I would strongly recommend Beth to any real estate agent looking to get their systems in place.

Kris Barber

WOW! Beth’s services are amazing! I am a full-time realtor and really needed to get my business organized. Beth spent time with me explaining her services and how she could help. Through Top Producer, Beth has all my database and everyday actives in one spot. We are currently working on my marketing plan for the year as well. I would highly recommend Beth if you need help streamlining your business!