We understand that you may be reading this website because a) you hate computers;
b) you have no clue how to use your existing system and feel stupid
c) you honestly don’t have the time to teach yourself your CRM.

We get it. But feeling stupid under these circumstances is, well, not right. Working with tech is not your raison d’etre (we hate the word skillset). You track down leads. Period.

We will build a database that you can easily maneuver; show you how to use it on a regular basis and set it up to work as automatically and seamlessly as possible.

What’s more, we will train anyone who joins our recorded virtual calls. That means your agents, administrators, and sales specialists. Training includes:

  • Set-Up: (lead forwarding, email signature and so on)
  • Contacts: Mobile app, Property/Transaction Management (optional), Communication best practices: WE follow the cycle of Adding (contacts and leads)
  • Applying: (campaigns and reminders)
  • Working through your master to-do list.

Some of the systems we work with:

LionDesk ~ TopProducer ~ Market Leader eEdge & InTouch, soon KW Command