Transaction Management

Switching gears from our other services - BizRoots will handle your contract to close tasks. That includes all communications, minus negotiating inspections. No sweat, no tears. Just business.
If you prefer to do it yourself, we will set up the system, including detailed checklists and email templates.

Questions? Call us. Text us. Email us. We will respond within 24 hours.

HOLY MOLY - a 60% increase in business!!

In February 2018, Andrew Addy of Keller Williams, Exton, became one of BizRoots' first Transaction Management clients. By December, his business had grown by 60% over his 2017 figures! The time he saved having BizRoots help with transaction management allowed him to "focus more on delivering better service to clients which produced more referrals. Having BizRoots help with my transaction management allowed me to free up my time to do so."

The more time Andrew had to sell, negotiate, provide excellent customer service and focus on money making activities increased significantly not only over his 2017 figures but over his average 2014-2017 production as well.

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